Rainha das Sete



História da Empresa

It began its activities in 1989, with RAINHA DAS SETE, the group's first company, manufacturing sockets, dowels and fuse holders.

The focus on growth was already part of the plans and thus the investments in machinery and tools was the next step to expand its market share and growth along with its customers. It also decided to acquire and create new companies with the objective of segmenting part of its product line, in addition to facilitating service and distribution. That is how MYR was born.

With the new structure, already in its own facilities, in a total area of 20,000 m2 in São Paulo, RAINHA DAS SETE concentrated its manufacturing and commercialization in the line of sockets, wirings, dowels, circuit boards, lantern lenses, ceiling lanterns and plates, while MYR, started to manufacture and commercialize brush holders, planetaries, gears for engines, forks among others.

The next step was the segment diversification, also starting to manufacture products for the Duas Rodas line. Currently, the mix of product of GRUPO RAINHA DAS SETE consists of more than 3,000 items that are marketed throughout Brazil and in more than 10 countries.

Today, the Group has a strong management structure for new projects and product development, always focusing on quality. A team composed of highly trained professionals who are constantly training, technological updating and operational improvement, is responsible for the productive efficiency and satisfaction of the clients in meeting deadlines and quality assurance.


Rainha das Sete has as quality policy the following premise:

Design, develop, manufacture and market products that meet the needs of the market, focusing on customer satisfaction, providing the personal and professional growth of our employees, always seeking the continuous improvement of the system.